Hello and welcome! Hope you are having a terrific day. Diamond Tester was created after a bad experience purchasing a $4000 “diamond” necklace for my wife as a gift for giving birth to our first daughter. I wasn’t completely skeptical when buying the necklace, but I lowered my guard after seeing certifications and went through with the purchase. Fast forward 4 years I had the necklace serviced by a reputable jeweler near me, and he explained it was in fact not a diamond but a cubic zirconia. I felt denial and extremely upset both at myself and the person who sold it to me originally. I quickly began to get interested in diamonds, jewelry, and seeing if there was actually a way to test and verify authentics from fakes. This website is a manifestation of my research done to understand common questions buyers ask, and recommendations both in tips and products / testers used to ensure you never get taken advantage of, and make better decisions based on knowledge.

-Mike L.