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Modern Day Treasure Hunting! It’s extremely exciting and lucrative to know you have a real diamond in your hand, but also imagine finding out the diamond you just spent $4000 on was a fake? Nothing is worse than finding out a diamond you just bought is a man-made synthetic; then again nothing is better than finding out you have a real diamond! This is the genesis of this website and analysis. We have not been financially compensated to recommend one product over another (read Disclosure section); the reviews are non-biased and based on hundreds of hours of research and testing. We have extensively tested and analyzed customer feedback on the most popular diamond testers, so you can make the right decision, saving time and money. Our ranking criteria is based on public feedback: quality craftsmanship (accuracy), reviews (quality and quantity), price (value vs dollars), features and benefits.

Diamond Tester Reviews

Starting off with our editor’s #1 top choice, this section contains features and benefits analysis for each major Diamond Tester for sale. Features Pens, Portable, Electronic, Battery, Accuracy, Ratings, Price and Value.

? #1 – HDE Jeweler Tool Kit Diamond Selector V2 Portable Tester + 45X Illuminated LED Loupe

HDE Jeweler Tool Kit Diamond Selector V2 Portable Tester + 45X Illuminated LED Loupe

Average Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
# of Reviews: 505+

Currently priced on the low to fair end, this portable diamond tester gains high praise for accuracy, intense light which pierces the stone, a magnifier loupe by a magnitude of 45. Common complaints include batteries, and false positive inconsistency (although in minority). Based on the above average rating, low price, portability, magnification for visual inspection and ease of, it’s value far outweighs its cost.

?Testing 3 Rings Live! See if we hit the jackpot?

*Can test for most synthetics very accurately
*Great feedback, triple digit reviews
*Easy to read / interpret results
*Magnification loupe included
*Can not detect moissanite
*Questionable quality of bundled package magnification loupe
*Requires batteries, can require trouble shooting

? #2 – HDE High Accuracy Professional Jeweler Diamond Tester For Novice and Expert

HDE High Accuracy Professional Jeweler Diamond Tester For Novice and Expert

Average Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
# of Reviews: 1585+

Slightly more expensive than the first choice, with also slightly more negative feedback. The main difference is with over 550 reviews, people are very excited over testing diamonds from auctions. As long as you set it up properly (very difficult according to some non tech savvy) it has proven to be very consistent with over 4 out of 5 star rating.

*Largest amount of positive reviews
*Fair pricing
*Can not detect moissanite
*Difficult to setup
*Some arrive “broken” or faulty based on feedback

? #3 – HDE High Accuracy Professional Jeweler Diamond Tester For Novice and Expert

Average Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
# of Reviews: 39+

This is the highest quality diamond tester currently on the market. The only reason for it to be listed at number 3 is it’s price. Well above the average price by a magnitude of 9x higher than the most popular, it’s the Mercedes Benz of diamond testers. Only recommended for those who are very serious about diamond testing either as a hobbyist or a business owner. Most mention the thin tip which is very durable, yet extremely accurate to test even the smallest of stones with amazing precision, consistency and accuracy.

✨ Clean Your Jewelry Before Testing to Avoid Skewed Results!

*Highest level of user satisfaction
*Trusted name brand
*Can not detect moissanite
*Expensive, compared to alternatives
*Pin is fragile according to some users

#4 – HDE Diamond Test Kit Precious Metals And Gem Tester + Digital Pocket Scale

Average Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
# of Reviews: 428+

Less Expensive than #3, but more expensive than the others, this diamond tester comes equipped with a weighted scale. Some not the usefulness of it, while others complain over the overall lack of quality and consistency which the other previous products mentioned are able to cover. The first 2 are much stronger options, and the 3rd if you have a larger budget.

*Middle / Average pricing
*Comes with weighted scale
*Above average # and rating for reviews
*Easy to read / interpret results
*Can not detect moissanite
*Inconsistent false positives compared to alternatives
*Sometimes arrives damaged

? #5 – Package Deal: Professional Gold/Silver Estate Precious Metals Kit, Plus Platinum Test, Digital Diamond Tester and More

Average Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
# of Reviews: 29+

Rarely do package deals have such great reviews and useful products. This is for someone who demands quality, and is also interested in testing other materials such as gold, silver, metals, diamonds, and accurate scales. Powered by chemical solutions and engineering, this is the perfect gift or investment for anyone serious about expanding their testing.

*Complete Bundle Package
*Test for gold, silver, metals and diamonds
*Great feedback, no horrible experiences
*Can not detect moissanite
*Jack of all trades, master of none
*Difficult setup and unsure testing methods

?Click HERE to View Price: Editor’s Choice for Best Diamond Tester

Common Questions and Issues
Wondering if your beautiful “diamond” is in fact real or fake? There are numerous strategies, methods and useful tips to discern if your diamond is genuine, a different gemstone, or simply a fake synthetic such as cubic zirconia or moissanite. It can be extremely difficult to discern what is real with the naked eye, but there are more trusted ways to assess its properties.

Outside of blindly trusting 3rd party certifications, or someone’s word, the most obvious approach is an objective test, known as a Diamond Tester. Because we absolutely love diamonds, and understand the serious risk and cost associated with rampant frauds, we have compiled the absolute best diamond testers based on 2021, along with videos, pros, cons, and great deals you can order in a few clicks online and have it delivered right to your door.

** Important **: if you purchase a diamond tester you will have a significant advantage of time, money and objective clarity when purchasing, or pricing out your own diamonds. Read on to see options and next steps.

⚠️ Do NOT be Fooled! Your Eyes Can and Will Deceive You

 ? Miscellaneous FAQ Table of Contents:

Do Diamond testers really work?

YES! They work based on science. There are a few different methodologies to test for a real diamond. One is to monitor the rate in which heat transfers throughout the stone, the other major test is applied based on the electrical conductivity, rather than heat.

How can you tell if a diamond is real?

Old wives tales aside, outside of examining the chemical properties with a diamond tester, verification is certainly an incomplete science. Some say to put your tongue to the stone, and if it stays cold to the touch long enough, it’s real. Same principle applied to fogging the stone, creating a mirror effect. Birds of a feather flock together, and most precious stones will not be set inside cheap, inferior products. If something looks off or too good to be true, chances are it is. You can use a jeweler’s loupe, inspection tool to check for imperfections, color quality, and clarity.

Can moissanite pass diamond test?

Do Lab created diamonds test as real?

Yes and No. Yes, on most testers because they do not test for both thermal and electrical conductivity. A Moissanite does a very good job at masking itself as a diamond, with extremely similar properties such as hardness, clarity (although people believe it has more brilliant lighting) and thermal footprint. While the Editor’s choice Diamond Tester below is a 90% solution, there is also a “special” tester which tests dual properties. For a full-proof solution you would want the one below plus this Moissanite Tester.

How can you tell the difference between a diamond and a cubic zirconia?

Weight is a tell-tale giveaway. Cubic Zirconia’s are heavier. Of course, the diamond testers listed below will be able to emphatically state whether it’s a real diamond or not.

Do diamonds float or sink in water?

Diamonds sink in water, at a fast pace. This is important because if you drop a fake into a glass of water it will sink slower or may even float.

How is identifying CVD diamond?

A Short Wave Ultra Violet lamp / light source can be used to determine if a diamond is real. Place the diamond against a black background and shine the light closely to the gem. If it hues blue, then it is a real diamond. Other colors can be false positives, so a tester is still the obvious choice.

What is a moissanite diamond?

Moissanite is eerily similar to diamonds to the untrained eye. In fact, you need a special tester, a two part system to even check for it, because its heat properties and chemical properties are nearly identical. Moissanite is not truly clear compared to a diamond. It’s slightly softer than a diamond in regards to hardness. It has reflective surfaces which create an aesthetic look superior to diamonds in some opinions.

How do you read a diamond tester?

Each diamond tester requires setup, some more complicated than others but for the most part they are very intuitive to use. Simply remove the cap, and place the tip on the center of the stone. Rhythmic Beeping indicates diamond, red lights indicate diamond, no beeping and no red lights = synthetic. Constant beeping means you are touching metal or another material and should disengage, clean the stone and proceed again

How do you tell a real diamond from a fake?

If you breathe heavy on a clean stone the fog condensation will disperse nearly immediately versus a fake which will remain on the stone longer. Using a loupe, a jeweler inspection tool you can visually inspect. Diamonds have imperfections (they were formed in the Earth under intense pressure and circumstances), known as inclusions, so ones which are perfect are typical of a synthetic.

What is the best fake diamond to buy?

Moissanite is the clear winner. While most layman are aware of cubic zirconia, the moissanite diamonds are a cheaper alternative, which many of the benefits, although purists, and diamond lovers shun any and all synthetics, as they are not “finite” and don’t hold their value nearly as well as a natural diamond.

Can you tell the difference between a moissanite and a diamond?

What is the closest stone to a diamond?

Yes, but it’s much more difficult than most realize as discussed. If you were to simply rely on a diamond tester, or a visual inspection, you could be duped. However, by leveraging fog breath test, water test, Ultra violet light test, and visual inspection in conjunction with a special tester. It takes years of practice or due diligence; thankfully the moissanite is not ubiquitous in the market compared to other synthetics.

Is moissanite as good as a diamond?

This is a personal preference question. Some actually prefer the moissanite’s reflective light properties. For everyday wear a diamond holds up better because it is simply harder and more durable based on the Mohs scale, at a 10.0 (hardest known material). In terms of value and rarity, a diamond is much more valuable, which is apparent in pricing, where moissanite is substantially cheaper.

Can you tell the difference between lab created diamonds and real diamonds

Yes. Lab created diamonds have both visual and invisible distinctions which allows a skilled eye to use a loupe magnifier to identify a fake, based on no imperfections, weight (Cubic Zirconia’s are heavier), diamonds sink quicker (more dense). Diamonds transfer heat rapidly which is why a diamond tester is an objective clear cut (pun intended) way to identify real diamonds from synthetic gems.

Can you see through a real diamond?

No. The refractive light should keep you from seeing clearly what is on the other side of a diamond. There is a newspaper test, where if you hold a loose diamond above the text, you should not be able to see print through the diamond. If mounted, you should not be able to view the mount clearly.

How much is a real diamond worth?

Varies greatly, primary factor being carat size, followed by quality (clarity, grade, hue, cut, rarity, etc). Here is a detailed price chart explanation.

How much cheaper are man made diamonds?

Are lab grown diamonds cheaper?

Synthetics are cheaper, but some are not as inexpensive as you would expect. This makes sense from an opportunity cost and market stand-point. If the price is 2-3x less and quality is comparable many are opting to purchase synthetics. There is a cost value matrix, and once synthetics become much cheaper, larger portions of the population will opt for them, yet true diamond aficionados purchase for the intrinsic value, rarity, and self-knowledge when gifting its true worth, versus “tricking” your loves ones.

How much is a 2 carat moissanite?

Moissanite is typically 4-10x cheaper than diamonds. For example a 1 carat diamond could hypothetically be priced at $2500, whereas its moissanite counterpart would be $350.

Is moissanite a cubic zirconia?

No, while both are synthetic attempted replicas of the naturally occuring diamond, a cubic zirconia is inferior in every metric compared to moissanite. It’s saving grace is its wide-spread acceptance, availability and significantly lower price than moissanite.

Can a diamond break if you drop it?

The diamond was previously the hardest substance on the Earth, dethroned by Lonsdaleite, formed by meteorites. The diamond will not break when simply dropped, but can be crushed/broken if stomped on or under intense pressure (hammer, etc) whether on purpose or by accident with tools

Are simulated diamonds worth it?

Beauty and value is in the eye of the beholder. If you are purchasing a diamond for its natural, intrinsic value, then a synthetic is counter-intuitive. However, if you wish to replicate the look of a real diamond on a lesser budget, moissanite or even cubic zirconia is certainly an option. Same argument as super cars versus transportation.

Do moissanite rings last?

Are man made diamonds as strong as real diamonds?

Because diamonds are mostly visual versus functional, moissanite will last “forever” the same as a real diamond. A diamond is still harder than synthetics.

How do you judge the quality of a diamond?

The 4Cs of diamond quality are: Color, Clarity, Cut, Carat Weight (size).  Detailed breakdown of each category by Brilliance blog

? Conclusion: Aren’t Diamonds Awesome?

Most only know diamonds on a superficial level. Whether you came here to learn a little bit more about diamonds, testing, and products, you can be proud of yourself knowing you are part of an elite group who truly understands the true value of REAL diamonds, precious metals and jewelry overall. Whether you want the most economical, consistent diamond tester (see 1st Editor’s choice), the best of the best (expensive option 3), or a complete package solution (#5), you are on your way to arming yourself from guesswork associated with checking diamonds. We absolutely love diamonds and welcome any and all feedback. Have a great day! Happy Hunting for the next big diamond.


  1. I use the diamond tester when dealing with walk-ins. While I can spot a fake a mile away, sometimes it can be harder to determine, plus it’s always nice to end the conversation because the tester told them it was fake, and not me. I’ve gotten into amazing arguments where people actually threatened to punch me for calling it a fake. People can be crazy. This has saved me countless arguments and saved me time.

  2. My wife and I go to the auction here in Sarasota Florida and I’ve bought a few rings cheap, and was pleasantly surprised to find 4 of them were actual diamonds! I bought the Editor’s Choice one and it’s been really fun feeling like a treasure hunter ha.

  3. This is hysterical because didn’t state synthetic diamonds could be sold as “real” now? Just shows how ridiculous the entire market has gotten. The fact that licensed diamond dealers can peddle moissanite and other fakes is disgusting and shows why diamond testers are more important than ever, even with all certifications present at time of sale.

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