Best Moissanite Testers 2021

Did you know Moissanite is nearly impossible to detect unless you have the proper, “special” tester? Because diamond testers typically only test thermal conductivity of a diamond, they often give false positives to moissanite, a man-made diamond, with eerily similar properties to real diamonds. It is only when a dual test, both heat and electrical conductivity can an accurate yes or no be concluded.

Cheaper synthetic diamonds can easily be exposed via regular diamond testers, however, moissanite requires 2 part testing systems.

** Important **: 99% of the time a regular Diamond Tester as featured by our top 5 list will be adequate, however, there are professionals and serious diamond purchasers who require a deeper level of analysis and accuracy. Because Moissanite is so similar to diamonds, we have done extensive research into testing for a diamond’s legitimacy. With stakes as high as they are when purchasing diamonds, if you buy the right Moissanite tester it will save you countless time, money and headaches.

Moissanite Tester Reviews

Starting off with our editor’s #1 top choice, this section contains features and benefits analysis for each major Moissanite Diamond Tester for sale. Features Pin Point Precision, Portable, LED, USB, Reporting, Accuracy, Ratings, Price and Value.

? #1 – Presidium Adamas Diamond/Moissanite Tester Package with USB Charger

Average Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
# of Reviews: 15+

With only 3 reviews, this moissanite tester was chosen as the top pick based on brand name, Presidium, and an impressive laundry list of features. While other picks could be satisfactory below, this model is specifically designed to test for moissanite, whereas most makes and models on the market either admit they can not accurately discern diamonds from moissanite, or simply avoid mentioning it on their product offering specs. To prove its sincerity it actually has a meter which lists 3 possible outcomes: Moissanite, Diamond or Metal. It has a portable charger, and a very thin, stable point, which allows incredible precision on small stones (.01 carats). LED and USB charger helps bring Moissanite testers into 2021, offering sleek, practical usage on the go, without the burden of batteries. This product will accurately test your diamonds versus moissanite. It is certainly expensive compared to other diamond testers, but the only one proven to properly test moissanite, which is magnitudes more valuable than purchasing or buying a synthetic stone due to faulty equipment.

?Features and Benefits by Stuller, Inc

*Can Test for Moissanite accurately
*Precision based, sturdy, replaceable tip allows smaller stone testing
*LED lighting easy to read and analyze
*USB portable on the go, NO batteries required
*Trusted brand name
*Price, very expensive
*Limited # of reviews

? #2 – Original Presidium Multi Tester III Diamonds Moissanite ( Pmut III )

Average Review: ⭐⭐⭐
# of Reviews: 83+

Another Presidium, this model tests thermal and electrical conductivity, giving a clear answer, diamond or moissanite. While cheaper than the editor’s #1 choice, it has more positive reviews than negative. A good sign is the complaints are not about accuracy predominately but rather arriving incomplete or simply not working out of the box. It has less features than the Adamas, but is a solid choice based on function and price.

*Can Test for Moissanite accurately
*Larger sample size of reviews
*Cheaper than Editor’s choice
*Trusted brand name
*Difficult to calibrate and setup
*Complaints include not working out of box
*Less features than Editor’s choice

? #3 –  Gemoro Testerossa Diamond, Moissanite & White Sapphire Tester

Average Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
# of Reviews: 37+

Significantly cheaper than the two above, this moissanite tester has a decent amount of reviews but nearly 20% are negative. It comes with a leather case and ability to weigh diamonds/gem stones. If you are a bargain shopper, this should be considered, yet you typically get what you pay for in comparison to the Editor’s choice and #2.

*Much cheaper
*Decent # of reviews
*Micro USB Chargeable
*10 Year Warranty
*20% 1 star reviews, a disproportionate amount of negative results
*Brand less trusted than previous mentions
*Inconsistent testing results

#4 – High Accuracy Professional Jeweler Diamond Moissanite Tester Gemstone 2pt Jewel Stone Combo Gem Jewelry Test Selection Tool Meter Device

Average Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
# of Reviews: 41+

Not as expensive as the first 2 choices, and in the middle of the average moissanite tester, it appears to be a generic form of other trusted brands, put out by “TekcoPlus”. With a very low sample size of reviews, it is positive but tentatively verified by the masses, which is why it’s listed 4th on the list. Because of it’s price point, it’s a riskier option than #3 based on price alone, and much riskier than the Editor’s choice based on features and positive feedback.

*Positive feedback
*Generic, non name brand
*Clear Moissanite or real diamond monitor on display
*Low # of reviews, can’t verify
*Generic, non name-brand

? ❌ Regular Diamond Testers Can NOT detect Moissanite Consistently

?Click HERE to View Price: Editor’s Choice for Best Moissanite Tester

? FAQ Table of Contents:

What is a moissanite diamond?

Is a moissanite man made?

The most succinct defintion is moissanite is a man-made synthetic diamond, an alternative to diamonds, a naturally occurring stone. Moissanite and diamonds have extremely similar properties, both in form and function. Because most diamond testers rely on thermal conductivity, Moissanite is given false positives routinely because it disperses heat nearly identical to its real counterpart, diamonds. While diamonds are extremely hard, a 10.0 on Mohs scale, Moissanite is not far behind at 9.25. Moissanite tends to refract light differently, projecting a brighter appearance. While beautiful, it is no diamond, which gains its value from its intrinsic natural properties versus a synthetic laboratory.

What is the best fake diamond to buy?

Is moissanite as good as a diamond?

Subjective, but objectively it comes down to budget and your goals. If your budget is extremely tight, a cubic zirconia is one of the most recognized “fakes” in the world, but moissanite wins in nearly every category, but is more expensive.

Can you tell the difference between a moissanite and a diamond?

How can you spot a fake diamond?

Yes. A skilled jeweler using a loupe or magnification tool should be able to discern based on the clarity and cut. Moissanite tends to be more brilliant, whereas diamonds have more imperfections (as they are not made in a laboratory). Basic diamond testers will not detect moissanite because of its heat properties being too similar, but the ones listed below will in fact test and differentiate real diamonds from fakes, specifically moissanite.

How much is a 2 carat moissanite?

A 2 carat moissanite can range in price from $675 to $1575. Just as diamonds are graded based on cut, clarity, size and color, moissanite’s are not all created equal. However, because they are man-made they are usually priced anywhere from 8-15x cheaper than natural diamonds.

What is the best cut for a moissanite?

Same is true for diamonds, the Round Brilliant Cut outperforms most in terms of popularity. Others include: Oval, Square, Emerald, Cushion, Heart and Pear. Because your going for a “wow” factor, the editor recommends a Radiant Cut, because it’s shape forces the eye to overestimate it’s size. Real diamonds of this size are typically very expensive, so it has a greater desired effect.

Is moissanite a cubic zirconia?

No. Both are fake synthetic diamonds, but moissanite’s quality is head and shoulders above cubic zirconia. Cubic zirconia are more clear, and easily distinguishable from moissanite. It also is less hard, less brilliant (doesn’t refract light as well), more abundant and much cheaper. Because the heat dispersing qualities of a real diamond and moissanite are so similar, a regular diamond tester is not able to successfully test for it, which is why a special tester the editor listed below is recommended.

Can you tell the difference between diamond and cubic zirconia?

Yes. A basic diamond tester as shown by the homepage is sufficient to test for a real diamond. You can also tell because a real diamond has imperfections and is not “clear” meaning you can not clearly see what is behind the gem stone due to the way natural light refracts in the gem stone.

Can a diamond tester detect Moissanite?

No and Yes. The basic ones can not, because they test for heat conductivity, which moissanites approximates very closely to a real diamond. They will produce false positives. You need special testers which test for not only heat, but also electrical conductivity. Because it’s more advanced and requires greater technology, it is more expensive.

Do moissanite rings last?

Can you scratch Moissanite?

The rings certainly last, as most offer life-time warranties because it’s very durable based on the Mohs scale of 9.25 hardness, just below a real diamond. Rick from Pawn Shop offers the advice of scratching the surface of a stone with sand paper and seeing if it damages it, as a synthetic will become degraded, whereas a diamond will remain unscathed, however Moissanite is tough enough to pass this test and produce a false positive.

? Conclusion: Moissanite is Amazing, yet Scary

Synthetic diamonds are here to stay, and only growing in popularity. I was extremely blown away by the properties of Moissanite, and the simple fact most diamond testers can not correctly discern whether it’s a genuine diamond or a fake. By acquiring this special knowledge, you are part of an elite group, who not only understands beauty in the intrinsic, but also the pros and cons of synthetics and how to avoid the pitfalls, using an industry standard 2-part testing system to know without doubt if a diamond is real, or simply a pretender. Diamonds are one of natures rare beauties, and while Moissanite attempts to recreate its look and feel, the replicable nature of its very existence diminishes the core tenants of a diamond: rare, value, forever, requires time to form.


  1. I honestly don’t see the big deal between a moissanite and a diamond. Whether I had one or not, I wouldn’t care if it tested positive as long as it looks good. I got a diamond tester just to verify some of the older rings my grandmother left me in the attic, but they have more sentimental value than monetary which is the entire point of jewelry in my opinion.

    1. With all due respect, the entire point of jewelry is not purely sentimental, otherwise everyone would just buy cracker jack rings for their loved one. Whether you want to argue the history of diamonds or not, as a society we value diamonds because they are rare, beautiful, and created by nature. A moissanite is not an abomination but it’s also clearly not a diamond, which it’s clearly attempting to replicate. The presidium listed as the first option addresses this because not every person wants to pay a premium for a fake. Just as your “home” has sentimental value, you can not ascribe that to the final seller in the real estate market. It’s just a “house”. 100% would keep your family heirlooms whether they were real or not, because they matter to you, but for others buying engagement rings or buying from auctions (such as myself from estate sales), we have to make decisions based on financials and not something as whimsical as a warm and fuzzy feeling.

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